mike rybinski

we think of mike as our sniper. he aims, shoots and bags it every time. he has shot everything from commercial spots, animations, stop motion and music videos for The sheepdogs where he was awarded a juno. his impressive portfolio includes working with gillette, acura, revlon and tweed, however we think his most impressive accomplishment is always being able to beat aunt becky at beer pong.

mathew guido

it has been a scant 15 years since mathew began his career, and since then he has taken the industry by storm and has become one of the industry’s most sought-after artists whose clients list includes huawei, adidas, ray-ban, nordstrom, philip morris international and currently has his work displayed at the ago.

jeff wasserman

jeff wasserman stands above most other artists, and not just because he is an avid collector of 70’s platform shoes. His work has spanned decades where he has created vivid striking images of both food and drink (including non-alcoholic and the good kind that we keep here in the office), and stunning still life artwork. His diverse portfolio includes everything and everyone he finds interesting from bill gates, to a federally imprisoned hit man.

vania gunawardi

what at first glance seems to be a photo, at closer it look will prove to be computer generated - or will it? what arose from a love for food and animated graphics, now also doubles as an opportunity to get a tan (let that sink in). though stated many a time, mastery is yet to be proven to be the result of ten thousand hours of practice, but vania stands confident to show you how she's mastered her trickery to make all audiences into seeing a photo which isn't photographed.

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